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A Letter to My Friends-一封给我朋友的信,A Letter to My Frien
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A Lttr to My Frinds-一封给我朋友的信 第一篇: Dar Billy, I am vry sorry to inform you I won’t b abl to go to Yangminshan with you on th occasion of th Moon Fstival bcaus I just got a phon call from th U.S.A. Ma and Pa will b back ahad of schdul in ordr that thy can gt togthr with us on this spcial holiday. Thy of th oldr gnration considr th Moon Fstival a runion day on which all mmbrs of a family ar rqustd to b back hom no mattr how far apart thy ar. Undr such circumstancs how could I hurt thir flings by going with you to watch th brilliant moon on th night of th Moon Fstival? I hop can undrstand my situation and put our appointmnt off till th day following th Moon Fstival. I was told th moon on that day is much mor bautiful than th on on th vry day of th fstival. Bsids, w shall b abl to avoid th holiday rush and njoy th quit undr th moon. Do you think it’s a good ida? I am looking forward to haring from you soon. Rgards. Cindy. 第二篇: Dar Wndy, It is always a plasur to know that vrything is working out wll with you. Thank you for your inviting m to go on holiday with you. Do you know how happy I was whn I rcivd your lttr last wk? I thought this would b a vry good chanc to s you again. I still rmmbr th tim whn w chattd th night through, discussd our plans for th futur and njoyd togthr th bautiful scnry of Tainan. What a good tim it was! It smd vrything would b OK with our plan to go to Tainan this wknd. But unfortunatly on of our rlativs who has bn in th Stats for two yars will visit us this Saturday and b our hous-gust. My parnts xpct m to stay at hom to hlp thm do wll by our visitor. As a rsult, I hav to tll you, with rgrt, that I can't spnd this holiday with you. Although I can't go to Tainan this wknd, I would lik to tll you that at th nd of this summr vacation I will go to s my uncl who livs in Tainan. Whn that tim coms w may hav anothr chanc to b togthr again. So lt us wait until thn. Sincrly yours, Your frind Mary 第三篇: Dar Isablla, How ar you? I rcivd your lttr by spcial dlivry ystrday aftrnoon. Many thanks for th nclosd nin drawings and bautiful photos and, abov all , for th invitation itslf. Your invitation rminds m of th promis w mad last yar. I can still rmmbr th day you and your folks movd to Taipi. That day you and I mad a promis to mt again on yar latr, and w walkd th strt most of th tim in silnc. Thn w said good-by to ach othr and partd at th strt cornr at last. That is rally a haunting mmory, isn’t it? Now on yar is gon. You hav invitd m to go on holiday for a wk starting tomorrow and I rmmbr our promis. But I hop you can forgiv m for what I am going to tll you: I am dying to s you, but I can't I am sorry, plas. I hav to brak my word bcaus my ldr sistr is going abroad to sk advancd study. Sh will lav for Grmany soon and my parnts want m to giv a hand to thm and do som things for my sistr prior to hr dpartur. I hop you can undrstand this. I hop you will not blam m for ral, will you? Prhaps vrything will b all right nxt tim. May you hav an njoyabl holiday! With lov, Hro 第四篇: Dar Stphani: Would you forgiv m for what I'm going to tll you? Bcaus I faild to prsuad my parnts ( old fogis thy ar ) to lt m spnd th holiday with you and thy insistd on my staying at hom with thm, I'm afraid I hav to dclin your invitation. Mayb thr's anothr way to spnd th holiday with you: you can invit my parnts and m to visit your folks. Would you do that for m? Plas lt m know bfor you snd that kind of invitation so that I can find som xcuss to prsuad my parnts to accpt it. Waiting for your answr, your frind, Hln. 第五篇: Dar Frinds: You can hardly imagin how joyfully I was thrilld whn you said in your jointly-signd lttr that w could hav an opportunity to spnd our holiday togthr. It smd apparntly impossibl for m to turn down your offr as I was rally fd up with th kind of lif I ld; howvr, on th day following th arrival of your lttr, an old family frind of ours wrot to tll our parnts that h would com and b our hous gust for a fw days. H is not yt hr, but th tim of his proposd stay, unhappily and quit accidntally, coincids with that of our vacationing plan. As a rsult, I was advisd not to lav our hom at that tim. I hat to writ this, but as you can s, I'v got no choic. Plas writ m about your runion and lt m shar th joy you ar going to hav. Sincrly, Agns. 第六篇: Dar Jnny: Thank you for inviting m to holiday with you, which was what I had bn xpcting all th tim. I would hav gladly accptd your invitation, but now I am afraid I can't. Ystrday I rcivd a lttr from my parnts in which thy said thy hadn't sn m for long and hopd thrfor I could b back at hom for a whil. Thy missd m not without a rason bcaus vr sinc th start of summr vacation I hav bn working part-tim in Taipi as a bookstor clrk and hav not had much tim I could call my own. Much as I hop to go to Tamsui to hav an yful of th bautiful sunst with you, chat with you and tak a lot of picturs with you, I'm obligd to go hom. I hop you can undrstand this. I hav long bn absnt from hom and somtims I flt lonsom. I bliv you hav th sam xprinc too. Thank you again and, most important, don't forgt to lt m know and tak m along whn in futur days you ar inclind to s som good movis, attnd partis and dancs, go picnicking, of whatvr. May you hav a happy holiday! Sincrly yours, Sarah. 第七篇: Dar Mary: I can still rmmbr th day w partd at your school. I was hartbrokn at th thought that thraftr I might not hav much of a chanc to s you again. On my way hom I was awar that your parting words still rang in my ars. I hav rcivd th lttr you snt m last wk and you can imagin how glad I was at th sight of it. 第八篇: Dar Hln: Summr will soon b with us again. I am gnuinly looking forward to it bcaus of th joys w shard togthr last summr. Howvr, I am awar that you ar facing a challng this summr--th collg ntranc xamination. I hav grat confidnc in you bcaus of your dilignc and intllignc. Do tak car of yourslf. Don't apply yourslf so compltly to studis as to nglct your halth. Studying around th clock will spll disastr not only for your body but also for your mind. You'd bttr spar som tim for a walk vry day. Th collg ntranc is somthing but not vrything. Try your bst at your as. Aftr th xamination, w'll njoy a much happir summr than vr! Good luck to you. Affctionatly Yours, Diana 第九篇: Dar S: Only forty-two days rmain bfor th collg ntranc xamination. I bt you fl worrid and unasy, not knowing what to do. But don't worry too much, for vryon who intnds to tak th xamination fls th sam. You know thr ar ovr on hundrd thousand studnts taking th xamination vry yar, but only six-tnths of thm succd. So don't fl too bad vn if you fail. Howvr, I don't hav th slightst doubt that you will succd if you ar willing to mak a dash at it in th tim rmaining. Thn vrything will b all right. I wish you luck. Lov, C.H.M. 第十篇: Dar Jan: How tim flis! Soon you'll b taking th collg ntranc xamination. Ar you nrvous? I hop you ar not. Actually, thr is no nd to b nrvous bcaus you hav always don wll in your schoolwork. Prhaps th prssur coms from your parnts, who tnd to b ovr-concrnd just lik th parnts of most studnts taking th xam. Jan, don't lt th popl around you upst your usual calm. If thy sm to b ovr-anxious about your xam, it's only bcaus thy car about you. You must tak it asy. You must kp your cool. I don't think you hav to do anything spcial now. Just kp up th good work you hav always don in school. Don't stay up too lat. You should rlax, hav nough rst and at wll so that you will b in good shap whn th xam coms. Wll, I hop rading this lttr is not taking up too much of your tim. I'm sur you'll do wll in th xam and ntr th collg of your choic. I'll kp my fingrs crossd for you. Lov, Hsin Min A Lttr to My Frinds-一封给我朋友的信

A Letter to My Friends-一封给我朋友的信,A Letter to My Frien

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